Dores Hardito, Erik Hadi Saputra

Intisari / Abstract

The Internet offers numerous benefits in this life but on the other hand also have potential  negative  impacts  on  environment  education,  government  and  society. Inaccessibility of websites that contain pornography within the government is certainly not good  for  the  performance  of  employees  There  are  two  things  that  cause  of  action  is difficult to do that is a great resource and the technology is constantly evolving.

 Use of Proxy Server can resolve Internet access is one way to solve the existing problems in the District Office of Langgam Pelalawan Riau Province. Proxy servers have been widely applied in various organizations and agencies, so that the Proxy Server client can  not  access  websites  containing  pornographic,  hateful,  and  gambling.  In  solution, used as a proxy Squid proxy server software that is configured to restrict internet access, URL filtering, storing cache, authentication username and password so that only the staff of the Office of Head Idioms are able to access the internet. 

After  all  applied  in  accordance  with  the  existing  design  then  all  clients  in  the District Office of Langgam connected to the internet via a proxy that is designed to restrict access  to  the  internet  every  client.  So  that  all  clients  who  want  to  access  websites  that contain  elements  of  pornography,  hateful,  negative  gambling  and  other  content  are allowed because it was blocked by a proxy server in the wake.

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