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Nowadays information systems has led to a development based multimedia system, which is where the information conveyed or processed through the system not only in the form of text or numeric information is blasa but also other forms of information (continuous media) such as audio-video, animation, and so forth.

Then surely this raises new challenges in development, one of which is the establishment of a reliable information system infrastructure, which is a network that is able to deliver the right and good information, because the system is based multimedia information mempunyal separate karakteri'stik such is an iteractive, distributive, also on the role of information is continuous media time or dependence on time management is very important and necessary.

Departing from the study will be a multimedia system technology as the basis of today's information technology systems, it will be seen what are the parameters required for the deployment of a multimedia-based information system, which is based on the communication system

Because it involves the communication system discussed is distributed multimedia information system. Once the parameters were obtained, would be seen whether ATM technology, which referenced the CCITT as transport technology on the B-ISDN, which according to the characteristics of the service are multimedia, really is a multimedia network. Literature study methods used in the completion and execution of this study, and in addition will be presented (designed) a multimedia application that CAI (Computer Assisted Itstruction) which is a tutorial on Multimedia Systems, Applications, and ATM.

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