Cheri Aprilina, Hanif Al Fatta

Intisari / Abstract

Design of Education Game “Cooking for Child” is a game about the way to cook and know about what  is all about in the kitchen. This game is specialized for kids above seven years old. This game consists lots of education such as the names of cooking utensils and their functions, also the english name of them. Otherwise, there is also some rules to play this game like the preparation before, during, and after cooking. This game also includes safety cooking code. This game is made to educate kids to cook carefully, thus this game has themed for kids. Furthermore, writer wants the kids enjoy this game while studying about cooking. This edu-game, Cooking for Child, is hoped can bring the kids become mastering in cooking with their parents help surely. In making this game, authors chose Flash to make a quality game and full of animation. Flash animation is a popular technology today so widely supported by various parties. Flash is one of latest technology that supports animations including the many choices of using colors, especially bright colors that can interacts kids to play this game.

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