Johanes Fernandes Andry

Intisari / Abstract

Training Center in Jakarta offers a certification program for the individuals and companies who wish to search for or complement international scale IT certifications. The certification program consists of training certification exam preparation and certification exams. The purpose of this research is to get an overview of the performance measurement of information technology governance in order to determine the extent of the capabilities of information technology governance in the Training Center which is currently running, with a few aspects to consider such as effectiveness, efficiency, functional unit of information technology within an organization, data integrity, safeguarding assets, reliability, confidentiality, availability, and security. The analytical tool used is the standard procedure COBIT 5 issued by ISACA. The conclusion that can be drawn from the research that has been done is IT governance at the TC has been done, although still not run optimally because they have not reached a level of maturity that is expected later process capability model within each IT process contained in the domain MEA on average was at 2(managed process).

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