Catur Priyo Pambudi, Heri Sismoro

Intisari / Abstract

The use of smartphones continues to grow in line with the changing times. Especially for the students use a smartphone can have a negative impact. These impacts may affect the quality of learning for its users. As one way to mitigate these conditions, we can learn about computer devices because of their knowledge evolving and interesting to follow as well as smartphones. Thus the application was made based computer quiz android devices.

There are several stages in the design and manufacture of these applications, starting from the collection of data obtained from various sources, which include process modeling use case diagrams, activity diagrams, sequence diagrams, and class diagrams, data modeling, interface design, and implementation in accordance with the design have been made. Once the testing is done to look for errors that may exist, if the error still occurs then look for a solution to be repaired.

Of all the stages that have been done then produced a quiz application Androdi Based Computer Software that can provide lessons for users of smartphones with the Android operating system.

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