Budi Sulistiyo Jati, Krisnawati Krisnawati

Intisari / Abstract

Indonesia is a country rich in culture, but in the era of globalization, foreign cultures into Indonesia is growing more rapidly. That's needed for an interactive introduction to the culture media and attractive so that people are more interested in studying the culture of Indonesia. Android smartphone is a medium that is currently used by many people, so I decided to make the application of cultural recognition with the media.

Applications are made in the form of an avatar maker application which takes the theme of national traditional clothes, and the application is called Avatar Nusantara. Users can create their own avatar as desired, then can save the avatar, share avatar to social media, and reload or reset if you want to change the avatar to a default position. With the Avatar Nusantara application, authors expect interest someone to learn the culture of Indonesia became increasingly, and hope also the emergence of similar studies.

Teks Lengkap:



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