Arpiansah Putra, Agus Dwi Andi Hermansah, Agus Purwanto

Intisari / Abstract

Current printing business is growing and alot of options , even every consumer can choose to use the printing services. Printing so that each agency is incentive to introduce their services through advertisements that exist today . Increasing number of choices are influenced also because of the growing needs of consumers .

Competition in the field of printing services make many entrepreneurs have to think how to keep people interested in printing services which they provide , one way to make the ad to make it look more creative in marketing and more easily recognized by the public .

Issues that will be discussed in this regard is how to design a marketing advertising printing services that can attract people to use the printing services . The data collection method with the method of observation and interviews , to design their own ads through several stages including a feasibility study , preliminary planning , analysis, design and implementation of systems advertising advertising system . The software used to create this application is after effects , adobe audition , adobe premiere pro , photoshop and corel draw.

Teks Lengkap:



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