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Intisari / Abstract

Pregnancy is a dream for couples who are married. To facilitate the couples planning pregnancy, it takes a special application that can be used to calculate the fertile period of a woman and her body mass index calculators, general information as well as tips and tricks for expectant mothers who wanted to experience pregnancy and general tips to plan the sex of the baby. With the android based mobile application, the couples will be more easy to plan a pregnancy that has been eagerly awaited.

Information technology is growing more rapidly from year to year. In the field of communications, especially smart phones has developed an unbelievably amazing. This is evidenced by the many vendors competition from smart phones makers are increasingly widespread in the market. Android is a mobile operating system that is very popular and growing quickly. Almost every vendor of smart phones, issued a android based smart phones products.

Pregnancy planning guide application with android-based, able to provide assistance to couples who are planning a pregnancy. Guide provided in this application form fertile period calculator, BMI calculator, tips get pregnant fast, tips to plan the sex of the baby, information of infertility in men and women, as well as information such as the address of fertility clinics in Indonesia along with a map.

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