Erly Krisnanik, Kraugusteelian Kraugusteelian, Yuni Yuni


Growth of the fetus at the age of pregnancy has a very
large effect, therefore health and safety of pregnant
women need to be considered. Based on the calculation
of pregnancy time a pregnant woman should check
regularly to determine the current development of the
fetus whether growth in accordance with the standard of
growth of the fetus or not. By measuring BMI (body
mass index) and height before pregnancy and during
pregnancy by week of pregnancy divided in tri semester
can show whether the pregnant woman has had ideal
body weight during pregnancy so as not to cause excess
or lack of body weight that can impact on health and
fetal safety. Based on this the researcher wanted to make
the design of expert system model of growth information
of fetus based on tri semester with approach of
pregnancy age based on pregnancy week. The method
used for the expert system uses the Forward Chaining
approach with the Deep First Search (DFS) tracking
technique. The designed system has a purpose to
facilitate the midwife / nurse to know whether the
development of fetus of pregnant mother is growing well
or not based on the results of the examination by using
ultrasound. Where the indicator of stuffing as an
inference machine is the age of pregnant women, tri
semester, pregnancy age, maternal weight, and fetal
development. Stages in this study using SDLC (System
Development Life Cycle) starting from the stages of
planning, analysis to model design and documentation of
model design results. The result of this research is the
design of expert system model of fetal growth.
Keywords: Fetal development, tri semester, fetal
health,gestational age, rule, and expert systems.

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