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Data security is a thing everyone wants to maintain privacy. Both from the security of data in personal memory or even when sending the data. In this research, the encryption process is done by converting the image data into String and stored temporary file as temporary file, encryption method using RC4 cryptographic algorithm because RC4 algorithm operates with XOR method so XOR encryption operation is done very quickly assisted by Base64 encode algorithm in overcoming the data reading 0x00 [NUL] in image file when data is converted to string, this research is done by prototyping method, designed with SWOT method of analysis and system feasibility analysis and system design with flowchart and UML, implemented with flatform Responsive web application, and has been tested and feasible to implement. The results obtained from this research are RC4 can be operated on the image if assisted with base64, and successfully tested with 5 types of images Tiff, png, jpg, gif, bmp with a maximum limit of 2MB file size.

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