Febriyanto Saputro, Amir Fatah Sofyan

Intisari / Abstract

Information technology is developing very rapidly, including the developments in the world of animation. Today many emerging wide range of 3D Animation films of diverse stories, and the action scenes are exciting like fighting animation. 3D animation movie making process does require preparation and strong to generate a 3D animation is good and interesting. In this paper the author tries to make 3D animations shaped Fiction story that

tells of a planet that has a lot of races. The planet are formidable fighters. At one time the ruling planet is holding a contest to win the fight and will get a sword. The sword is a sword named Khamp. The process of creating 3D animations "Khamp" does require preparation to produce an exciting 3D animations. The program used is Autodesk Maya 2012 for making the characters and places, Autodesk Montion Builder 2013 to move the character, Adobe Photoshop for texture creation, Adobe Audition for audio, and Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 for editing animation and audio results.

Teks Lengkap:



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