Tri Cipto Sudjatmiko, Kusrini Kusrini

Intisari / Abstract

As you know, the internet now has grown dramatically. Starting from a text-based browser that enables scientists to exchange information about their research, the internet has now become the center of perdagangang and information center. During that time, can be seen some of the technologies and new approaches of graphical browsers the earliest to the latest podcast. Now, the internet has widened superior platform for many applications, but in addition to comfort some people try to compare with desktop applications.

The authors raised the title "DESIGN ANALYSIS OF WEB-BASED DOCUMENT COLLABORATION APPLICATION" based on analysis, in this world most documents are stored into a proprietary format (often binary). Data can be transferred from one part of the application assigned to another, the transfer of text from the document into a word processor document presentation, or take a few numbers from the spreadsheet and convert it into a table in a word processor document.

Analysis Design of Web Based Document Collaboration Application is a system used to share information centrally. This application basically serves as a repository, which serves as a data storage center. Multiple users can access the repository, and then be able to read or write documents. By writing user data, making information tersedian also for other users to access, and also by reading a document the user receives information from other users.

Teks Lengkap:



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