Ahmad Zulfan Rauhandi, Emha Taufiq Luthfi

Intisari / Abstract

The progress of science in information technology and communications have changed the way our society and lifestyle in running the activities in this life. With the advance of human thought, the computer began to be used in all sorts of things in people's lives ranging from the smallest to the largest, as it is now entertainment applications for computer users that can be obtained. For example, applications for listening to music, applications to play the video,until the game (games).

In the production of multimedia computer game very prominent role. Making the game starts from an idea or concept that later developed in a story by the game designer. Making games is not as easy as that though it is just a simple game especially for someone who is not a game designer. However, the problem can be solved because now the game is a lot of software that has the quality and features that are easy to understand and sophistication to create animations in the game. One such software is the Adobe software.

To the authors have an idea to create a game using game engine technology in order to entertain and educate the people who play it..

Teks Lengkap:



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