Swanida Triyogo, Heri Sismoro

Intisari / Abstract

The limited range of goods and inefficient marketing system has resulted in the promotion of goods to the failure to achieve the maximum turnover of the store "Asher Computer". The development of Internet technology to support the rapid adoption of e-commerce systems in computer sales. The purpose of the research is to create an e-commerce website to store "Asher Computer", which is a means of marketing and selling products over the internet. The method used is to do a literature study on the working system of e-commerce websites, and then do the design and the design of work systems are implemented with the establishment of a website and e-commerce this website.

The conclusion found that e-commerce website was successfully created using PHP programming language combined with a MySql database. Excess ordering products on this website are saving time and money compared to booking directly come to the store, and buyers can view the product catalog that can be directly seen in the pages of this website.

And the authors of existing problems making thesis with the title "Building Web E-Commerce In Stores “Asher Computer” Yogyakarta" is expected to help solve the problem.

Teks Lengkap:



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