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In the present time, learning system goes through a period of a paradigm shift from conventional learning model into an interactive learning system with information technology-assisted. During its development, interactive learning model has been proven to have an impact that is good enough from the culture, worldview, and also the media used in the learning process. Nevertheless, not all of its evolution has a acceptable effect, especially on the ability of students in terms of communicating the level of the forum or group. Furthermore, a high intensity in the use of media technology also had been trigger the gap between students with different backgrounds individually. This research has focused on providing the views or perception of the structure and flow of information on each entity involved in the collaborative learning system. Collaborative learning is one of the solutions in which this model can improve the soft skills of learners to be able to interact in contextual, integrated, and able to work together to create a conducive academic atmosphere. The presence of the concept of ontology is used because it can provide equivalence perception of the structure and flow of information to any entity involved in this collaborative learning system. Ontology can be defined as the concept of interconnected or relationship which then can cooperatively build a structure on a domain and limit the interpretation of the term science. Based on the framework created, there are 5 important sub-domains in the design model of Collaborative Learning ie Trigger, Learning Materials, Learning Scenarios, Learning Group, and Collaborative Learning Goal. Contribution of this research is to produce a framework Collaborative Learning Ontology for system developers as a guide to re-design the e-Learning system

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