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The use of data communication networks between various computer systems have developed rapidly in various fields, so that the necessary existence of other systems maintain the confidentiality and security of data exchange.

In handling the security and confidentiality of the data used to perform cryptographic algorithms for data encryption, which is to transform the data into a form that can not be understood by people who are not entitled to receive such data. Therefore, in addition to the key confidentiality, reliability cryptographic algorithms used j'uga affect the reliability of handling security and confidentiality of data in the data communication system.

Cryptographic systems, based on the number of key usage, can be divided into two, namely, first, conventional cryptography uses a single key and a second public key cryptography that uses two keys. Conventional cryptography is processing the data using a single key and algorithm based on the substitution and permutation. Public key cryptography is the processing of data by using two separate key and algorithm based on mathematical functions.

Public key cryptography algorithms most widely used today is the algorithm Rivest Shamir Adleman (RSA). In the further development of public-key cryptography algorithm developed called Lucas (LUC), which is based on large integers on a series lucas. LUC is an alternative algorithm other than RSA algorithm.

In this study will be discussing the use of public key cryptography algorithm, which is a comparative study of the use of the RSA algorithm and LUC algorithms for data encryption. Which is expected to get a public RSA algorithm is faster and valid in terms of the RSA key generation algorithm is still superior in data encryption.

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