Akhmad Dahlan

Intisari / Abstract

In a security system that allows users to use their password, users usually choose a password that is easy to remember and are usually easy to guess the password. This weakness is often the case in almost all of the existing system. Rather than forcing the user choose a good password, which means it's difficult to remember or long terralu.

Li Gong propose a solution that will preserve user comfort while delivering high security guarantees. The basic idea proposed is to ensure that data can be stolen by the attacker can not be predicted and tested in a way to guess. This can be achieved by using a random number generator, ie by performing XOR operations on each message contains confidential information with a value generated by a random number generator.

By utilizing a random number generator is expected that each message sent at different times have different shapes. This way every effort to keep it guesses attack more difficult, where the attackers have to guess on the random number is used as to disguise the message, before making a guess on the key of the message.

In this study will be discussed about the methods above in more detail and try. To be implemented on the Linux operating system. By utilizing the technique as mentioned above, studied authenticity protocol used in Linux to test the authenticity of the wearer, in order to create a program that utilizes the above method to exchange messages to verify the authenticity of the user.

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