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ATM works in connection oriented mode must be able to offer a connectionless service. ITU recommends two ways connectionless service delivery in this ATM network, the indirect approach and a direct approach. In the indirect approach, the organization of the connectionless function is implemented on the side of the customer is not in the ATM network. While the direct approach connectionless function located on the customer side and the ATM network (ie the connectionless servers (CLS)).

In this study, focused on direct penyelengcaraan approach, especially analyzing the performance of the connectionless servers. There are several architectures that affect the performance of the method of packet forwarding this, Interleaving scheme, tipeflow control, routing algorithms, and network topology. But in this study, the performance of the server is analyzed by the method of packet forwarding (Based Frame Forwarding clicking unakan Reassembly Mode and Cell-Based Forwarding using streaming mode), interleaving scheme (Packet Interleaving and Cell Interleaving) and flow control which type of Static Rate Control (constant rate control. In this study will be investigated a data unit loss probability and mean delay performance of a CLS on an ATM network. So that is obtained from the analysis of performance of each server that uses the method of direct approach that is suitable for application server as a service delivery ATM connectionless network.

The CLS-streaming mode of data units have a lower probability of loss of CLS-reassembly mode (in the case of low load). And the second server has a probability of data loss vang unit is almost identical to the case of high load. While CLS-streaming mode showed a mean delay lower than the CLS-reassembly mode.

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