Agus Fatkhurohman

Intisari / Abstract

Learning in the school system in general is still applying the conventional system in which the teacher is explaining the theories subjects directly in the classroom. In other words, if the clock is already selsesai subjects, the subjects have also been completed. Moreover, if the delivery is less attractive teacher will lead the students quickly feel bored, bored and drowsiness, so the subjects were then submitted become less than the maximum. To overcome this it needs to be made an alternative way to attract interest in learning of students tersebut.salah only by making a design-based learning media android apps. With so students will be able to learn the lesson simply by using a mobile phone based on Android. With android-based learning application that student interest is expected to be increasing because in these applications not only in the form of written material but also in the form of media images, text and audio, such as games on android phone. This android based learning media will be devoted to student / senior high school students with Magnetic Control subjects. Manufacture of magnetic media interactive learning android-based controllers will later be created using software Game Maker Studio.

Teks Lengkap:



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