Fajry Himawan, Hanif Al Fatta

Intisari / Abstract

Development of music in Indonesia has experienced arguably the most significant advances, people are now getting to know a wide range of musical genres, and one of the most popular genres of music in Indonesia at the moment is kind of alternative pop music. Indonesian pop music in mushrooming as the presence of bands that carry these streams, as well as by "flourescent band", a band from the city of Yogyakarta, which stands on the basis of friendship and common hobby in the field of music, making the band think to try to create an homage to pop music arranger alternative with a slightly different color, as well as a design of a video clip with a different concept of course.

The title track will be used in the design of a video clip entitled "Terbang" by Flourescent band. The design is intended as a video clip of implementation especially video-making skills using stop motion animation techniques, and also will serve as a media promotion of the band "Flourescent" itself.

In the design of this video will be using the merger between videography techniques, stop motion and motion graphics techniques to the results generated from the design of the video clip will be more unique and interesting.

Teks Lengkap:



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Video Musik, diakses pada tanggal 12 januari 2012.


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