Anang Weby Kurniawan, Amir Fatah Sofyan

Intisari / Abstract

Augmented reality is technology which combined virtual 2D and 3D object into real environment and projecting 3D virtual object in a real time. Augmented reality or AR is now happening and tend to be high progressed in a daily life. It also has a lot of innovation on the promotion media and advertisement in a business sector.

One of the big points in this case is about promoting the product to the consumer in 3D catalog based on AR. As the promotion implemented in general furniture catalog which use 2D photo products only. This promotion can't figure the product detail to the customer, especially when the customer came to the stand. AR technology can be advantageous and more interesting in providing such information of the offered product in 3D virtual object.

By promoting products using AR technology, hopefully the company can give more interesting information and more attract the customer. And the also the customer could be more responsive and understood what the product that has been provided. This is one of the advantageous of AR which combining real life and virtual one.Nowadays there are a lot of applications that use to built up AR, using a camera, or another hard ware such as web cam to capture a pictures, then the pictures will be translated by application which has already introduce as a marker, and the application might represent the picture and the previous object which paired with the marker. So the real thing can be fuse with virtual object in the end of application preview.

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