Nanda Listyanto Indyawan, Emha Taufiq Luthfi

Intisari / Abstract

Currently, computers are not only used as a tool for the job, but also as a medium to entertain, one of the most popular entertainment is gaming computer users. So that computer users will not be bored and tired to linger - long in front of the computer.

This  game  can  be played  by childrens and  adults  with ease,  because it uses the directional keys located on the keyboard to move. At the left side of the computer  screen  will  be  described  as  a  plane that  will  shoot  enemies  coming, aircraft played by players must be protected  from  enemy  attack that will attack from  the  right  computer  screen,  the  player  enough  to  come  shoot  the  enemy planes,  players  can  play  up  to  3  times  if  life  were  available  there.  Every  shot that hit the enemy plane will get a point. This game also has a level of difficulty based on the level, the higher the level is played the more difficult hurdles to be faced. Level will rise if the level of the previous missions successfully passed or completed.  The  mission  is  considered  successful  if  the  player  manages  to defeat bosses and fighter planes are not destroyed by the attacks of the enemy.

In  PERANCANGAN  GAME  SHOOT  ENEMY  PLANES  using  Adobe Flash  CS3,  Adobe  Photoshop,  Adobe  Audition,  and  other  supporting applications. The game is expected to entertain users.

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