Implementasi (GaBlind) Alat Bantu Navigasi Tunanetra Menggunakan Sensor Max Sonar Berbasis Arduino

Jeki Kuswanto


The sense of sight is a very important sense for humans, this sense of sight also provides much information for humans to obtain, while the rest of the information comes from the other five senses. Then, we can understand someone who has visual impairment, and therefore the activity will be very disturbed and limited, therefore the information obtained will be reduced. For now generally, blind people use walking aids in the form of trained dogs or canes to help increase independence and safety when walking.

But the sticks that exist today do not fully help the problems faced by blind people. To overcome this problem, then made GaBlind that can replace and enhance the role of existing tools. This system uses Arduino Promikro as a microcontroller and Maxsonar sensor as input data, to determine whether there are obstacles or objects blocking the way, then these obstacles serve as input to be used as sound output to provide information to the blind.

GaBlind (Glasses For Blind) is expected to make it easier for users to navigate outdoors. In this study also obtained GaBlind eyewear products in avoiding an obstacle.


Keywords : Arduino Promicro, visually impaired, GaBlind, microkontroller, Maxsonar sensor

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