Implementasi User Journey Map pada Evaluasi User Experience Aplikasi Mobile Tunanetra

Rakhma Shafrida Kurnia


B-SMART application is an application that can be used by blind users with the concept of virtual braille keyboard,  the application of the concept of braille letters as navigation and input systems so that the visually impaired can use a touch screen smartphone without any trouble to learn from the beginning of use. A system should not only be used and useful, but can create comfort for its users in using the system.

B-Smart application is built on the basis of user needs by determining the ideal user journey by the developer. The ideal user journey that was designed in the initial stages of creation has not been validated with the user's journey. In this study, the User Experience evaluation is carried out with user testing to get the user's trip map and compare it with the ideal user journey that has been determined so that the final user journey. recommendations are generated and illustrated in the user journey map.

The purpose of this study is to implement the user journey map method to evaluate the user experience of the application so that a user journey map containing pain points can be used as a reference for recommendations to improve user experience with a better user journey.


Keywords :

braille, application, user experience, user journey

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