Pembuatan Media Presentasi Cerita Dengan Konsep Interaktif Untuk Cerita Rakyat Pada Tk Kartika III-34 Kotabaru Yogyakarta

Emiliyana Sunara Eka Putri, Agus Purwanto


Storytelling is one effective way to learn, especially when an early age. Giving the concept of storytelling involving images and sounds will help stimulate children's imagination and comprehension. This is very dependent on the ability for storyteller to deliver the flow of the story. Most stories implementing the storyline without any choices selection storyline. The writer considers a story with a choice of endings, capable of providing a variety of learning. From this study, the writer tries to create a media that is intended to help teachers deliver the story. This media is interactive, at which point a particular point of story, the audience will be given various choices to continue the story plot. Each choice will affect the end of the story. From here the writer expects the concept of storytelling like this can build up child's attention and engage in storytelling. So the message in the story can be delivered properly. As a place to test the results, the writer would take place in TK Kartika III -  34 Kotabaru Yogyakarta. This is because one of the subjects of the kindergarten is storytelling.

Keywords - Story presentation media, interactive, choice of storyline, consequence, storytelling.

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