Sistem Pendukung Keputusan Penerimaan Calon Pengurus Amikom Computer Club Menggunakan Metode Analytical Hierarchy Process

Ria Andriani, Anggit Dwi Hartanto


Lack of competence of the management organization at the University / High school now have caused a decline in productivity and the quality of an organization. So the impact on the organization or unit of student activity and universitas / colleges such. To mitigate the impact, it neesd a system of candidate selection committe to screen individuals competent. Therefore realize the importance of choosing candidates for the board that has a high competency, then the program is designed decision support system application for recruitment board Amikom based Computer Club Website.

Speed and validity in processing inforamtion about candidate board Amikom Computer Club is a major requirement for decision support recruitment board, so the decision support system used must also have a plan in a comprehensive and integrated to understate the level of risk of failure deveolpment and selection decisions for it is used Analytical Hierrarchy Process (AHP) is composed of a complex problem and multiple criteria into a hierarchical order, where in each level is filled with a certain element. This method was chosen because it is able to select the best alternative from a number of alternatives, in this case it is meant alternative board candidates who deserved the board base on the criteria specified. Decision Support System is looking for a weight value for each attribute, and then do the sort of management candidates eligible to be a caretaker.

Keywords – Decision Support System, AHP, Website.

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