Hybrid Kriptografi - Steganografi Menggunakan Vernam Cipher, Vigenere Cipher Dan LSB Pada Pengiriman Pesan Rahasia

Muh Hutomo Perdana Putra, Rizqi Sukma Kharisma


The development of science is very influential on the progress of the world of technology. One of the emerging technologies is technology of information where the simplicity of finding the information quickly without concern on the limitation of the space and period, so that, in only a minute we are able to know the country's information. It would be a disadvantage if any information that is considered as a confidential information can be known by any parties, therefore to keep it save, a cryptographic and steganographic encryption technique is required. Cryptography, science and art to maintain the security of messages when messages are sent from one place to another that relies on mathematical techniques for dealing with information security. Steganography is the process of storing secret messages in the form of text in other forms so it is not easily known by others. Various kinds of steganography include hiding messages into image files, audio files, and video files.


The Vigenere and Vernam algorithms are the chosen algorithm to design an application that allows for cryptographic to encrypt the messages and the LSB algorithm is the chosen algorithm to insert the results of Crypto encryption messages into image files.

Keywords Cryptography, Steganography, Vigenere, Vernam, LSB, Web.

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