Website Untuk Perhitungan Status Krisis Energi Di Indonesia Menggunakan Metode Fuzzy Tsukamoto

Ardian Ferdy Prahengga, Windha Mega Pradnya D


The energy crisis that is now going on, causing such a serious impact on people's lives. These impacts include increasingly high price of fuel, kerosene, diesel and gas, the queue for the public to panic and eventually the public poorer because purchasing power is getting low. World energy crisis also occurred in Indonesia. Energy reserves in Indonesia, especially fossil fuels (petroleum, coal, and natural gas) are increasingly shrinking. The availability of fossil energy will also be on the wane because of an increase in energy consumption per capita. To predict the energy crisis in Indonesia, this thesis proposes the development of sukamoto fuzzy inference systems for classification energy crisis based on parameters the amount of production, energy consumption and energy demand driven factors, namely GDP and population. Outcomes of this system is the classification based on these parameters, i.e., a safe condition, alert and crisis. The experimental results show the system produce levels of accuracy at 90% petroleum, natural gas 100% and CoA, 100%. This system are expected to provide an early warning and decision support for the government or the relevant agencies in giving the handlers or the solution to the problem of energy crisis

Keywords - Energy Status, Fuzzy Inference System, Tsukamoto, Classification.

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