Rancang Bangun Sistem Informasi Penjualan dengan Notifikasi Limit Stok pada M2 Shop

Budhiarti Budhiarti, Dina Maulina


The development of computer informatioan
technology currently has grown rapidly so that the computer can be used as a medium for conveying information and web-based business transactions through the internet. Steps being taken author in the making of this thesis is the collection of data, analysis of the object system, system design, program code generation, testing and implementation. The maintenance phase would be carried out if there is a special request from the object of research. This applications an information system online store where shoppers can conduct transactions online, help admins manage products, and allows the owner to see the report so that the pwners would be faster to business decision-making. Special features of this application is
to the admin if there is a stock of goods slightly along with its suppliers so that it will be faster in the ordering of goods to the supplier.

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