Sistem Pengarsipan Data pada Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa STMIK AMIKOM

Mudita Rahayuningsih, Yuli Astuti


Student Executive Body (BEM) AMIKOM Yogyakarta is Student Organizations which use manual systems in the processing of data and information. Data is very important and must be properly managed, and kept confidential. The data generated and maintained usually is data
management, correspondence, Alumni, sponsorship, Finance etc. The data of all
ministries there are some missing data and
thus making the report is not timely. To
facilitate the storage and retrieval quickly
and precisely.
In particular company or organization
membanggunkan Archive as Media Tools to
store and process data so that the data can
provide information even when changing the
period of stewardship in several previous
years so the data will be structured in the data
storage well. Without having to find a pile of
paper first makes restless BEM.

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