Pembuatan Media Pembelajaran Bahasa Arab untuk Siswa Kelas V MI Sullamul Huda Puncel

Saifun Najih, Rizqi Sukma Kharisma


MI Sullamul Huda Puncel is a primary
school addressed in Puncel Village RT 07 / RW 02,
Dukuhseti, Pati, Central Java where teach Islam in it.
But in process of teaching and learning still use a one
way system, so that the results obtained are not
maximal. For example in the Arabic lesson, where the
disciples have difficulty understanding the explanation
of the teacher.Learning Media will be used for
teaching and learning support activities, where student can interact directly and teacher more easily in delivering material with multimedia illustrations. The result of this research is Arabic language learning media for 5th grade MI Sullamul Huda Puncel.

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