Sistem Informasi Akuntansi pada Bimbingan Belajar Cetta Les dan Private Gunung Kidul

Fajar Sidiq, Windha Mega Pradnya Dhuhita


Accounting Information System is good in a
business world is something that is very important for
the sustainability or development of a business. One of
them at the tutoring institute Cetta (Les & Private) in
financial management is still a lot of problems because
of the system is still manual, all data and transactions recorded in a book.
In this system research used research methodology in the form of descriptive method, as an effort to get the description and explanation about the state of the research object based on the facts that appear. While for data collection method writer use method of interview, observation, and study of documentation. Then analyze and explain the data collected in accordance with the purpose of research, for modeling author system using OOP design method (Object Oriented Programming) with design tool that is UML (Unifield Modeling Language). In this study the
authors use the Java programming language and MySQL as the database.
The purpose of this research is expected to solve existing problems, and the financial management of Cetta (Les & Private) becomes faster, precise and accurate. After in accordance with the desired research method, this information system has follow-up testing
system using black box and white box method.

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