Pembuatan Film Animasi Pendek 2D “SMILE” dengan Teknik Frame by Frame

Defi Putriati, Agus Purwanto


Digital technique of making animated cartoons are divided into two main techniques is the technique frame by frame and komputational.
Mechanical computational deemed easier than
technique frame by frame, as most of the process is aided by computer calculations such as key frame, shaping, or motion. However, this technique is less applicable to the concept of facial expressions or movements continues.
While technique frame by frame allowing movement analysis done every image. Mechanical frame by frame felt able to visualize animations with expressive, and its movement is not only limited to the direction of the rotation of the x-axis and y but can rotate with the z axis.
In the making of this animation there is a scene
where the child chasing a ball, where the ball had described the contents of the child's heart. In the story there is a bird that will be the beginning of the story will show the way to the child so they can return to normal and be able to smile again.
The concept will be difficult when in liveshoot right for their fictional characters with background stories imaginatively to make the concept is very suitable to do with the techniques of 2D animation frame by frame. To
the authors make 2D animated short film "smile" technique frame by frame as the basis for this study.

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