Sistem Pendukung Keputusan untuk Penerimaan Beras Miskin di Kelurahan Ngawen Klaten Menggunakan Metode SAW

Nurus Saroyah, Erni Seniwati, Ike Verawati


The program of the Government in handling
the economic crisis, one of which was to provide aid of rice monthly to a poor family in every village all over Indonesia. This program is often referred to by the term rice poor. To facilitate the program, the Government village is obliged to record people's poor who receive help Poor Rice. The precision of the target in the granting of poor rice must be observed. This is useful for strengthening household food security particularly poor households.
In the election of poor households who deserve help rice poor needed a decision support system that is used by the Government of the village to support the decision taking of acceptance rice poor. This decision support system using SAW method (Simple Additive Weighting) which selecting candidate recipients rice poor by determining the criteria and alternatives so that will not happen cheating in predestination. The
system is built with object-oriented programming techniques using the java programming language and MySql database.
Decision support system is expected to assist in
determining the recipient candidate rice poor appropriately and efficiently from the results
recommendation of the highest value who receive rice poor, so it will not happen cheating in predestination

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