Perancangan dan Pembuatan Media Pembelajaran untuk PAUD Tunas Harapan Nganjuk Jawa Timur

Chori Talitha Nuraina, Mei Parwanto Kurniawan


The development of information and communication technology is currently experiencing rapid growth, which affects all the work that has been created by human, almost every day the development of technology and information occur. certainly has many used by all circle users. currently technology many used as media information, teaching and learning activities. Including teachers, who have started to have computer facilities in school. As in PAUD Tunas Harapan which already has complete facilities, but even so teaching and learning activities still use manual or blackboard.
Therefore made Multimedia Applications as media Learning Know Transport Equipment Land, Sea, Air and Objects Names, is expected to facilitate the process of teaching and learning in PAUD Tunas Harapan.
Students are taught to get know surrounding environment with the help of animated and audio images. Giving instruction to anak usia dini is different from that of teaching adults, so in order to create a fun learning environment for young children, it needs a different approach.
By using multimedia computer technology thenĀ  he learning process will be more fun and interesting because animation, sound and writing presented simultaneously. Now children can develop more creative mindset and see objects or images in digital form.

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